The History of Santa Fe Swimming Club

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The Santa Fe Swim Club opened in July 1957 with approximately 200 family memberships.  Dues at the time were $7.50, plus a federal tax of $1.50. President Fielding B Cochran, Jr. and James C. Freeman, secretary, signed and numbered the membership certificates declaring membership in a non-profit corporation to be governed by a Board of Directors.  Dr. James Barnard acted as the Chairman of the Committee which employed the lifeguards that would be furnished to the membership at all times. Mrs. Fielding B. Cochran, Sr. was the acting manager while Mrs. Bryan Scott was authorized to provide swimming lessons.

 Though some things have changed, much has stayed the same with Santa Fe Swimming Club of Corpus Christi. The club is still a family swimming club with 275 family members. The facility now includes a tennis court that wasn’t available in 1957. Swimming lessons, Monday swim parties, and a competitive swim team are activities that continue. The high diving board was replaced with a low diving board because of the high cost of insurance.

The board of directors is still filled by volunteers. The annual meetings continuing to be held in April of each year. Young families enjoy the pool throughout the day, while older members tend to be our early bird swimmers. With the improvement of a  heated, open air pool, the club is now able to open earlier every spring and stay open later in the fall than it was in 1957.

Santa Fe Swimming Club

Aerial view of Santa Fe Swimming Club,  circa 2006






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